About Alinda Leros

alinda beach

Alinda is the main touristy resort of Leros.Here the visitor will find the beautiful beach of Alinda with facilities of water sports like sea skiing and wind surfing. Along the coast line there are many shops ,mini markets, taverns ,bars and restaurants. In Alinda there is the Museum of Leros at the Belenis tower. Every year the municipality of Leros organises the annual festival of Alindia that includes competitions in water sports.Alinda is located northwest of Agia Marina and Platanos the Capital of Leros. From Alinda you can visit the near by beaches of Gurna and the small church of Agios Isidoros ,one of the landmarks of Leros. From the bay of Alinda you can see the Castle of Leros that lies over the city of Platanos.



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